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Wine Tasting Experience

How Can I Have a Wine Tasting Experience in the South?

It is a surprise to some people, but there are actually plenty of wine tasting experiences to be had in the Southern United States. Grapes grow quite well here thanks to the hot summers and mild winters, and several wineries make use of this fact to produce distinctive fare. Many of the ones in the Dahlonega, GA, area offer wine tasting events, lunches, and other events that give you a chance to check out their products without having to go all the way across the country.

One of the best ways to enjoy a wine tasting experience is to take a bus tour. These tours bring you to three or four different wineries, so you get a variety of experiences in just one trip. A tour typically lasts about six or seven hours, and can include about eight people. You can go with your own group, or just relax and let the tour operator organize everything.