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Wine Tour

Girls at Bachelorette Party

Try a Bachelorette Wine Tour for a Unique Celebration

Bachelorette parties often involve alcohol and entertainment, but typically, there isn't much else that's special about them. You can change that by choosing a better, and far more unique, setting: a series of wineries.

A bachelorette wine tour is far classier and more unique than simply pouring out the drinks in a hotel room or restaurant, yet it hits on all of the important parts. You'll go out with your girlfriends and get to enjoy plenty of drinks – but you'll be doing this in nice wineries and seeing beautiful scenery in between stops.

The other benefit of a bachelorette wine tour is the fact that you'll be driven around in a luxury bus. You won't have to worry about your friends trying to drive around after imbibing, and you'll also all be together as you go from one place to another. This makes a wine tour a great way to celebrate your last day before marriage.